FOCUSTEK offers a wide variety of Electronic Manufacturing Products and Services with Quality Certificate of FOCUSTEK are committed to supplying only the best experience, from our state of the art Electronic Manufacturing Service factories located in India

Contract Manufacturing

FOCUSTEK is a leading innovator in contract manufacturing and has become a value-added contract manufacturing partner to the leading OEMs. Our unique blend of high-caliber manufacturing services; flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs; and ability to provide a full range of product testing services have uniquely positioned us in the highly competitive contract manufacturing marketplace.

Services To: Automotive Sector - Communication Sector- Aeronautic Sector: Single-sided SMT, Double-sided SMT, MI Production Mixed SMT & T/Hole

Assembled PCBA for Customers

The following is part of the Electronic PCB assembly portfolio by FOCUSTEK.

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Company B

Company C

Company D

Company E

Company F

Turn-Key Assembly

FOCUSTEK offers quality turn-key assembly solutions for customer electronic products. We take customer designs and provide low-cost alternatives for on-time and quality products. We offer several logistic options to meet customer needs. Focustek focuses on high quality, high efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We also employ SPC and stringent QC practices to monitor all aspects of production.

Services To: Automotive Sector - Communication Sector- Aeronautic Sector: Product Type - MI Production, Mixed SMT & T/Hole

Machine Trading

Spot welding (or resistance spot welding) is a type of electric resistance welding used to weld various products, through a process in which contacting metal surface points are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current.

Trading of High Capacity Electric Spot Welding M/C's: Capacitor Spot Welding M/C's, Inductor Spot Welding M/C, Cable Spot Welding M/C

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